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For more than 75 years the Kennedy name has been associated with innovation and excellence in the world of concrete. From our modest beginnings during the Great Depression, a family legacy has been built that grows stronger with each passing year.  This year is no different.  As we look back on the past, we remember the contributions made by three successive generations of industry innovators.  Lewis M Kennedy might never have guessed the impact his decision to open a concrete block plant would have on the future of his family.

Alfred R. Kennedy, Sr. (1919-1995)


Having observed the early plastic and rubber molds that were becoming more common in manufacturing Lewis’ son, Alfred R. Kennedy, Sr., and grandson, Alfred R."Big Al” Kennedy, Jr., identified a trend in the concrete industry toward a more scientific approach in manufacturing. They began investigating the use of these new molds. As a result of their investigation, in 1988, they started manufacturing a line of innovative wetcast products outside of Ashland, PA. By 1990, Kennedy Concrete, Inc. had moved to its current location at 570 Dutchtown Road, Ashland, PA and began marketing custom and stock precast concrete products.


Alfred R. Kennedy, Jr.(1940- )



With an earned degree in Engineering from Drexel, “Big Al” applied his knowledge of engineering to testing and manufacturing a stronger, more dense, weather resistant product. Some of today's product line has been independent lab tested and proven able to sustain between 8,000 to 10,000 psi. By the late 1990s, the company was growing rapidly, and "Big Al” was quietly engineering another product that would eventually become our bestseller.

Then in 1998, tragedy suddenly struck. Our plant in Ashland, PA was destroyed by a fire that wiped out the company's manufacturing capacity. Some might have thought this would be the end of Kennedy. But our dealers were already selling, and contractors were installing so much Kennedy product successfully that they patiently stood beside while we rebuilt the plant. Upon completion of the new plant "Big" Al introduced that new product under the name Blue Mountain Stone. The Blue Mountain Stone Line was engineered by "Big" Al not only to look and feel like quarried Pennsylvania Blue Stone, but also to meet the rigid demands of landscape architects. Meeting rigid demands and providing customers quality concrete products is a Kennedy way of life.

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